Novel-writing software that works wherever you do.

iOS or Android - Use Any Browser - Phone, Tablet, or Desktop


Packed with features

Narrative will help you write your novel

Work offline

Write offline or online. Your book is saved on your device, and backs up to the cloud.


Access your work from your phone, tablet, or desktop. Synchronisation is automated.


Check your spelling and grammar in several languages. Checked when you are online, review either offline or online.


Keeps a regular track of the history for each chapter. Your words are safe in case you rewrite or change your mind!

Detailed Statistics

Keeps count of the number of words you write. Find out your most productive time of day.

Focus Mode

Fade out everything except your words so you can concentrate on your writing.


Connect to Dropbox or Google Drive to backup your work as a word document after every writing session.


Save your work as text, MS Word, ePub to share or publish.


Scratchpad chapters to keep general notes, character profiles, or rough ideas.


Simple, affordable pricing.


$5 per month

  • No commitment, pay month by month.
  • Stop and restart your subscription whenever you want.
  • Your words will be available when you want to restart.


$50 per year

  • All the benefits of monthly subscription.
  • Pay upfront for a year and receive a discount of around 20% on price.


We've got even more features lined up for the coming months. This is a sample of what we're working on right now.

Editor Comments

Add writing comments and notes to your work.Toggle them off/on. Find and Replace.

Automatic Plot summaries

Let the AI summarise the plot and characters in your stories.

Linked Character notes

Click on your character name to open their notes entry.


Sub-chapters and more ways to arrange your writing, including a Planning View.

Formatting options

New fonts, special characters, image setting and more.

Dark Mode

Dark themes for when you're writing at night.